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About Us

Welcome to TheWORDPowerStore! We sell high-quality, washable, cleanable, reusable, long-lasting, fashionable, trendy mugs, sweatshirts, half sleeve shirts, hats, racerback, and tote bags. Plus, all the products are printed digitally with high-resolution printers.

TheWORDPowerStore fulfills the people’s wishes to wear or use high-quality table shirts, mugs, tote bags, memorabilia and More!. We pay specific attention to the making process, material, and printing process as well. So, all the products are made by hand for customer satisfaction. You can get the sweatshirt, Hoodies, t-shirt, racerback, mugs, and tote bag in multiple colors, sizes, with different printed quotes or themes. We are very passionate about it, and that’s why we work and spend all the time on it.

Unfortunately, if you are not getting the desired design on our shop’s products, you can contact us without hesitation. Feel free to message us through the ETSY messaging service, and order us. Plus, it is our pleasure if you provide a chance to make new things.

Moreover, all the products have complete details in the description. So, if you want to know full information about anything, visit TheWORDPowerStore. Thanks! 


Sura Khan- Chief Executive Officer of The Words Power Store Owned and operated by (Vision Sura Khan Enterprises LLC)  Learn More by visiting the Parent company website : www.surakhan.net


Sura Khan is a thirty-year veteran in the entertainment industry. A writer, producer, director, and author with a drive and determination that’s unprecedented. 

Over the past five years, Sura Khan has spent much of his time developing a variety of original television series and film projects.  He’s a visionary who believes that there’s a time for everything and everyone. The innovative projects he’s developed is rooted in something extraordinary and indeed timely. Creating programming based on the unique needs of the viewer and the times we are living in is his formula for creating a winning catalog of content.

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About: Memorabilia Section, The Sura Khan Brands

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We proudly ship all around the world!

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We have the very best manufactures producing and products!

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