In The Name of Love- Book The Supremes & Motown


A Supremes Reunion- The book behind the making of this Love Letter Film by- Writer, Producer Author -Sura Khan Who simply dared to DREAM with others, all in the name of love.💞



The griping story behind the making of a love letter film to Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong, Formerly known as Motown’s -The Supremes. Sura Khan, Author and creator of the project share his unforgettable journey with readers as he reveals a dream unfolding from beginning to end.   Learn about the making of the film, the actors committed to seeing it come to light and the ups and down of dealing with the former ladies of the group, Motown Records, Universal Music group and the Motown Alumni Association and More!

“Although things didn’t turn out as I thought they would, I still wouldn’t change a thing”.  Sura Khan

About the Book

Paperback Book, 194 pages
Infinity Publishing (PA) (Dec. 4th, 2009)